3D Animation and Game Development

Our goal is to teach and educate people about 3D animation and game development from start to finish.

Academic League

Westview's Academic League is one of the oldest clubs on campus, and it has been a club dedicated to competing in our local speed-based trivia leagues.

Artist's Association

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a club at Westview where we focus on creating friendships between student with intellectual and developental disabilities with the rest of Westview.

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

CSF is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service.

Chinese Calligraphy Club

Chinese Calligraphy Club serves to spread appreciation for the cultural arts as well as to provide a safe environment for self-expression.

3D Printing Club

The mission of our club is to spread 3D printing knowledge and skills to students across San Diego.

American Cancer Society - Relay for Life

BOPP (Beach and Ocean Protection Program)

We meet to spread awareness about the issue of ocean pollution and the harmful effects it can have on marine life, and make an effort to limit our impact on the ocean.

Bird Club

To introduce the hobby of birdwatching to Westview students. To discuss interesting topics related to birds.

Catalyst for Success

Catalyst for Success (C4S) is a volunteering based club that aims to promote STEM interest among elementary schoolers.


Choir is a warm, accepting place for anyone who loves music!

ABE (Advocates for a Better Environment)

We advocate for protecting the environment through different programs on campus and in the community.

American Red Cross

The Westview Red Cross Club offers many ways to give back to the community and earn service hours.


Bayanihan is a Filipino culture club that specializes in portraying the Filipino
culture through cultural dances, showcases, and workshops for students of interest.

Book Club

In Book Club, like the name suggests, we read books! We also share ideas, predictions, and opinions on whatever we read.

Charitable Trinkets

We make and sell items such as, but not limited to, necklaces, bracelets, and keychains, and the profit we generate will be used to purchase canned goods that will be donated to the San Diego Food Bank

Computer Science Club

In Computer Science Club, we focus on learning data structures and algorithms and their applications in different problems.

ACCEF (American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation)

ACCEF’s purpose is to raise awareness and fundraise for kids living in poor conditions in China and help support their education.

Arduino Club

Arduino club is a place for people to learn, work on and share their arduino projects with others.

Beatmakers Club

Beatmakers Club makes music electronically

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Club strives to spread awareness and support those affected by breast cancer.

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club is directed towards exposing more students to the amazingness of chemistry!

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