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American Red Cross

Samuel Levy / Manjari Muruganandam

Wednesday Lunch
Meeting Day and Time:
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Hello Wolverines! The Westview Red Cross Club is proud to be continuing its service this year even while school is online! Our club offers many ways to give back to the community and earn service hours through blood drives, installing alarms, helping out in different departments at the Red Cross headquarters, and more. Being a club member also gives you access to many helpful opportunities such as CPR classes, disaster simulators, the youth Leadership Development Camp, and summer internships. On top of that, members get ¼ of a community service hour for each weekly meeting they attend, during which time we will give announcements and sometimes do fun activities as a club. Meetings will be held every Wednesday at the beginning of Lunch, starting September 16.
We hope to see you at the meetings!

For any questions feel free to contact:
Co-presidents: Sammy Levy and Manjari Muruganandam

American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
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