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VOTING now open:  8am-11:59pm Friday

EXECUTIVE BOARD election 2021


ASB Executive Officer elections are here! While we may not currently be on campus, the ASB Executive team continues to play a vital role in representing and serving the student body. Click here or scroll down to learn how the campaign and voting process will be run virtually.


While Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates both require at least one full, year long term of ASB experience, the Secretary and Treasurer positions were open to any student upon application. Please note that candidates running unopposed will still need to achieve a 50% approval by on the ballot in order to assume their positions. 

We encourage you to consider all candidates for each position in order to make an informed decision on Friday (Jan 8th)! Click the buttons below to learn more about your candidates: 

candidate for president

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Kody Mongold

Kody Mongold has been in student leadership for the past 8 years, and currently serves as ASB Vice President. His main goal, if elected as President, will be to increase transparency within ASB in order to better represent the student body.


Candidates for vice President

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Aditi Anand

Aditi Anand has contributed to ASB for 4 years and currently serves as one of the Westview representatives on the Poway Unified Superintendent Student Advisory Council. Her main goal is striving to cultivate an inclusive and secure campus culture. 

Brad Brady

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Brad Brady had been involved in student government for 8 years and is passionate about hearing out students opinions. His goal as Vice President is to facilitate conversations to tailor ASB’s events in the favor of all Westview students.


candidates for secretary

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Karthik Kumar

Karthik Kumar has been an active member at Westview High School for the past three years. His goal is to make sure every student at Westview has an enjoyable and safe experience this following year, however school happens

Maddie Gracz

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Maddie has been in ASB since the 5th grade and plans to continue ASB throughout high school. She plans to improve the connection between the student body if elected. She wants to be able to positively impact  students Westview experience.

Michael Braun Secretary Campaign Slide.p
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Michael Braun

Michael Braun has enjoyed serving the student body for the past seven years, and most recently worked as an Interclub Commissioner and member of a culture committee. His vision is for everyone to be comfortable being themselves at school and to create a positive, supportive environment.


candidate for Treasurer

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Amy Zhao

Amy Zhao is running to be treasurer because she believes that together, through efficient school budgeting, we can expand the opportunities and meaningfulness of school-wide activities. Being in ASB since middle school, she looks forward to furthering Wolverine culture and spirit.

Election Rules

EXEC election rules 2020


Campaigns will take place virtually on social media and through this ASB website from 8pm on Sunday, January 3 to 8pm on Thursday, January 7th. All candidates will receive equal opportunities to share their platforms on this website and through posts on the ASB Instagram account. Candidates are limited to 10 "story" posts and 3 "feed" posts on their personal social media accounts, and are limited to 30 reposts of any kind from students supporting their campaign. All campaign material must come down from social media accounts (including off of supporters who may have reposted campaign materia) by 8pm on Thursday, or candidates will be docked points. Posts on ASB accounts and information on this website will remain up through the voting period for your reference. 


The voting window will open to all current Westview students (class of 2024-2021) from 8AM - 11:59PM on Friday, January 7th. Voting will take place via a Google Form, which you will be able to find on this page and in our Instagram bio once the voting window opens. To vote, you will have to enter your school email (ex:, and students will be limited to one form submitted. 

If you have any questions regarding this year's campaigning week or voting process, please email or DM us Instagram @westviewASB.

VOTING now open:  8am-11:59pm Friday

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