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Computer Science Club

Justin Wu

Monday after school (3:30-4:30)
Meeting Day and Time:
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In Computer Science Club, we focus on learning data structures and algorithms and their applications in different problems. How fast do the inherent laws of the universe let us sort a list of numbers or match a word in a page of text? Can you find the shortest path from Westview to Peet's Coffee? What about the longest path? As a relatively novel field of study with plenty of applications, Computer Science is brimming with discoveries.

To further our understanding of classical algorithms and improve our problem solving skills, we also compete in programming competitions. If you enjoy exhausting your creativity to solve unique problems, then this could be the club for you!

Programming experience is NOT a prerequisite to join. Activities throughout the year can be done at the member’s own pace.

To be added to the email list or for any questions, contact

Computer Science Club
Computer Science Club
Computer Science Club
Computer Science Club
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