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Westview asb's Mission Statement

It's no secret Westview High School is an extremely academically competitive school. Westview is ranked #38 in California and #266 in the nation. Westview students push themselves to the limits and strive to be the best and achieve the impossible. With this hard work and dedication comes stress and anxiety. Here at Westview ASB, our goal is to give students an opportunity to divert their attention from the stress and anxiety of academics and extracurriculars to unique events so our students can enjoy the best possible high school experience.

Our diligent student leaders strive to give our student body the best events possible. We constantly innovate with creating new ideas for our dances, rallies, and spirit days. We believe that in order for us to serve the student body to the best of our abilities, we must be able to communicate effectively and work with our student body who provides us with ideas and recommendations so our events can be awesome! This is done with our Student Senate, a forum where students throughout campus represent their Homeroom classes and advocate their ideas and present them to ASB, as well as our Recommendation Boxes throughout our campus. If you feel like you have any ideas to take our events from "Good" to "Great", please let us know by submitting your feedback in our Recommendation Boxes or submit your ideas digitally above on our online forum. 

All in all, Westview ASB is here for the students. To some high school students, high school may sometimes seem like a place of hardship, anxiety, and stress. With our events, Westview ASB pushes to show that high school is a place of opporunity and excitement. We provide the opportunities to get involved for our student body and it is up to the students to take those opporunities to be involved with our diverse culture on campus. The next time you see an opportunity to get invovled, seize the moment and seize the opportunity before it's gone. 



© 2019 Westview High School ASB

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