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Happy women's history month

ASB has partnered with the Girltelligence club to present the events that are going to be taking place from March 21-23.

Monday March 21: Women's Sports Carnival
Tuesday March 22: Women's Recognition
Wednesday March 23: Women's History Month Panel in the theatre (Click here to meet the panelists)
All Week: passing out bracelets and women's shelter drive (Click here to see what the Rachel's Women's Center needs)

Girltelligence Exec Board

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Dr. Patel (Board Vice President)
Ms. Paik (Chief Communications Officer)
Ms. Jara (Director of equity and improvement)
Ms. Ziegler (Westview's principal)
Carol Osborne (Associate Superintendent)

What is going to be discussed? 

All topics about being a women, how they break through gender barriers, and how women in history have brought us to where we are today!

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