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Westview Reopening Plans

Families will need to make commitments to either On Campus learning on Westview's campus or the Virtual Learning Academy by Saturday, August 1 at 11:59pm (one form per student). Read through the following sections to learn more about these two different learning models, as well as all of the contingencies and safety precautions being taken, before making your decisions.


Quick Links:

PUSD Family Commitment form (DUE AUGUST 1) - here

Westview Town Hall Livestream (video link) - here

Westview Reopening Plan - here

PUSD Reopening Plan Page - here (español)

PUSD Frequently Asked Questions - here (español)

PUSD Parent Reopening Q&A Livestream (video link) - here

CDPH Clear Mandates (state health guidelines informing all PUSD decisions) - here

CIF Athletics Schedule for 2020-21 - here


General Overview of Learning Options

OPTION 1: On Campus Learning - A/B model:

All in-person Westview students will be divided into Groups A and B, accomodating for siblings and special circumstances. Group A will come to school in person two days per week, Group B will come on alternate two days, and both groups of students will be engaged in independent and/or virtual learning on the days they are not physically on campus.

Once sites receive the data from the family commitment form to inform their plans, there are many additional factors such as transportation, childcare needs, and class availability that will determine placement in these sessions. Please be patient with our sites as they adjust their planning to reflect these changes. Sites are prepared to work with families in unique circumstances. Once schools are able to physically reopen, these models would be in place at least through the end of the grading period (quarter, semester, or trimester). This will be a phase-in process, with the ultimate goal of returning our students fully on campus when it is safer to do so.

The health and safety of our students, staff, and community has, and always will be, our number one priority. We will follow California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance, including, but not limited to:

- conducting daily health screenings for students and staff

- requiring face coverings for staff and students grades 3-12

- providing hand sanitizing stations in common areas

- maximizing physical distance between students

- using privacy boards

- limiting communal activities

- minimizing congregate movement through hallways

- teaching good hygiene practices.

While closely following the CDPH guidance, we cannot guarantee strict adherence for all of our students at all times. For more info about precautions and contingencies in case of illness, please see the FAQ: Health and Safety section here. To read the full health guidelines by the CDPH, please click here.

OPTION 2: Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)

Students will engage in daily "virtual classroom learning" from their home. Instruction will be provided by the virtual classroom teacher via rigorous live and recorded lessons, offline learning, and rich learning opportunities for students to collaborate with their online classroom community. Differentiated instruction and support will be provided to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our world class learners.

Students will be following a virtual bell time schedule to attend live instruction and required classroom conversations. Grading will align with standard on-campus policies and best practices (including rubric marks on elementary progress reports and letter grades for middle and high school). Daily attendance is required. You can view sample schedules here: (official bell schedules will be released soon).

The goal and priority for students in the virtual learning option is to place them with teachers and classmates at Westview to the greatest extent possible. Ultimately, the determining factors will be the number of students and staff requesting the VLA option for each school. If placement through Westview is not feasible, the student will receive VLA instruction from another highly qualified Poway Unified teacher.


For more Westview specific information about our reopening plan, including more detailed health and safety measures being taken, and please click here:,-Health,-and-Safety.pdf

To find thorough answers to dozens of frequently asked questions about every aspect of reopening, pleases see the PUSD FAQ here:


You can also find more helpful information on the PUSD website here:

With all of this information in mind, please submit one commitment form per student indicating if they will be attending on-campus school or online VLA in the fall by Saturday, August 1.


If you have additional questions that were not answered in the FAQs or in any of the info listed here, please submit them to the district using this form. While they cannot answer every question individually, they will be updating the PUSD FAQs with additional answers based on the questions received.

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