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As most of the students are aware Westview will NOT be opening on January 19. Yesterday the board came out with a plan for the Poway District. As per the vote all high schools (Westview included) will not be opening until San Diego reenters the Red Tier for FIVE days. Preschools will be opening up on January 19 and Elementary schools are reopening from January 25 - February 1.


Below is the exact details the board has given out:

Yesterday the Board voted to:

· Continue the temporary suspension of on-campus learning for elementary, middle, and high schools until:

o January 19: when PUSD will reopen full-day preschool classes and ESS programs on campuses; resume in-person individual special education supports, instruction, and related services on a case-by-case basis.

o Between January 25 and February 1: when Elementary schools can reopen for on-campus learning with the AM/PM schedule; special education classes can resume on campus (preschool through adult transition); small groups at middle and high schools can return to campus

o Five Days after San Diego Reenters the Red Tier* (see explanation below): when Middle and high schools will open with the concurrent learning model on an A/B schedule

*Yesterday at 12:00 p.m., January 14, 2021, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) provided updated school reopening guidelinesthat do not allow PUSD middle and high schools to reopen while the county is in the Purple Tier. Based on the new CDPH guidelines, our middle and high schools can now only reopen five days after San Diego County returns to the Red Tier. This is due to the CDPH’s new definition of “reopened or opened”. Under previous definitions, PUSD was considered opened while we were in the Red Tier and thus could proceed with reopening. PUSD no longer meets the requirements of the new definition: “The school must have given all students in at least one grade the option to return for in-person instruction for at least part of the school-week to be considered to be “open” or “reopen.” If only some were being served in-person in a school in a county in the Red Tier (e.g. only students with disabilities) and all students in at least one grade did not have the option to return in-person as described above, the school has not “opened” or “reopened.”

Below is the copy of the Board Briefs which is an overview of all of the topics talked about during the meeting. Click Here to visit PUSD's website with all of the recent decisions about the reopening.

Board Briefs 01 14 21
Download PDF • 1.25MB

With that, we hope that you all stay safe!

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