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Hi Wolverines! We know that the plans to reopen keep coming out and keep changing. However, as of last night March 10 (3/10) the reopening plans have changed. The Freshman and Sophomores will go on their first cohort day while the Juniors and Seniors will be going on the second days. For example, if you are a Freshman or Sophomore in cohort A you will be attending school on Monday only. If you are a Junior or Senior in cohort A you will be attending school on Wednesday only. This rotation will most likely begin next Monday March 15 (3/15) Although this is not ideal, it is the first step to getting back on campus and it will change once San Diego gets into the Red Tier.

Here is an email from Mrs.Ziegler explaining the newest plans.


Dear Wolverines,

We would like to update you on our plan to bring students back in a phased-in approach, expanding the small cohort model.

While we await the County entering the Red Tier, we will be expanding our on-campus cohorts with small groups.

Pending Board approval at Thursday’s Board meeting, this will be the schedule for the week of Monday, March 15-19. This schedule will stay in place until the County moves to the Red Tier, at which point we will notify you of the start date of when we will be moving to the A/B two day-a-week schedule.

High School

Friday will be asynchronous for all students.

By temporarily adopting these smaller on-campus cohorts, we can eliminate some of the waiting and uncertainty for students and their families for next week and:

  • Extend opportunities for more students to return to on-campus learning

  • Build comfort and confidence with safety protocols and procedures with smaller numbers of on-campus students

  • Utilize the concurrent learning model with a small cohort of students in class

  • Provide opportunities for students and staff to connect in person

  • Continue with a phased in approach for bringing students back on campus safely while maintaining the small cohort model

We look forward to seeing our students back on campus, starting Monday, March 15!


Tina Ziegler


Westview High School


That's all for now! We cannot wait to see you all again. Stay classy Westview!

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