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Quarter 4 Grading Decision -- PUSD Statement

We are aware that many Westview students are concerned about grades, especially at this time, and therefore wanted to update you on the recent PUSD statement regarding quarter 4 grades. To view the full statement including updates regarding online safety, Spring Break, and a Senior Survey (Class of 2020 families: click here to view survey) please visit the PUSD COVID-19 page:

Here is the statement:

"Following Spring Break, effective April 20, we will transition into the next phase of our distance learning plan. PUSD will implement a temporary change to credit/no credit grading for all students for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. TK-12 student work will be assessed for participation, completion, progress, and feedback purposes only, “doing no harm to students.” 

This decision was reached after thoughtful discussion and collaboration with education leaders throughout the state, county, district level, and in partnership with our Poway Federation of Teachers (PFT). Students will have the opportunity to earn credit for the courses in which they are currently enrolled, yet the courses will not be included in the calculation of our students’ Grade Point Average (GPA). This change in our grading policy will only apply to Semester 2, Trimester 3, or Quarter 4 of the 2019-20 school year. Again, PUSD’s move to credit/no credit is temporary and will be discontinued when students and staff physically return to school in the Fall.

Moving to credit/no credit grading will benefit our staff and students without negative consequences for students with college aspirations. Many public and private universities across the country have made it clear that students will not be penalized for missing standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT or for posting credit/no credit transcripts for this school year. You can see the recent announcement from the University of California and California State University systems here about adjusted admissions requirements. Harvard University has also posted this assurance online. Here is additional information from the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU).  In addition, high-performing California school districts including San Dieguito and Palo Alto are all moving to credit/no credit grading. Our staff devoted many hours to this decision-making process, trying to ensure equity in the absence of ideal learning conditions for many of our students. Academic stress and pressure is the number one concern shared by our students, especially at the high school level. As such, our focus on student safety and learning versus academic performance is appropriate during this difficult time period. Because of the stance we are taking, students have the time and flexibility to take care of themselves and their families and they can study and pursue their academic goals without the fear of not being able to keep up. We believe credit/no credit will be in the best interest of all students. We invite you to view the presentation that staff will be giving at the Thursday April 23rd board meeting, which further explains the background information, research, and rationale behind the decision to move to credit/no credit grading for our students."

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