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Principal Update - May 1, 2020

For this update, Principal Tina Ziegler sent out a newsletter. Click here to view it in full with pictures!


I hope this letter finds you and your families well and safe. I know these times are difficult for everyone. I recognize that all families are feeling the impact of how abruptly our lives have changed, especially for our students. I recognize the challenges of our current status and are sorry that our students and families are being impacted by the pandemic. There are many questions still left unanswered and we will continue to focus all decisions around student and staff wellness, I do know that we have a wonderful Westview community and we ARE in this together. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things are school and community are doing for our seniors. The following Instagram accounts recognize our seniors - feel free to follow and celebrate our seniors:

  • @pusd.seniors

  • @wvhs20

  • @westview2020futureplans

Please visit the Westview website and see the 30 day Graduation Banner. All of our 2020 seniors will be honored on our website for the next 30 days.

SENIOR STADIUM LIGHTS Every Friday night the stadium lights are turned on in honor of our senior athletes.CLASS OF 2020 YARD SIGN Proud to be a Westview Senior If you are interested in recognizing your senior with a lawn sign or house banner, click here for more information. We recognize there are quite a few vendors to select from. We were able to negotiate the best price possible on the lawn signs. And if you would like a banner, you will need to email WE SALUTE OUR CLASS OF 2020 Thank you Westview PTSA.

QUARTER 4 PROGRESS NOTICES All students will have Quarter 4 Progress Notices uploaded to their MyPlan account on May 8th. Progress Notices will have a grade of IP (In Progress) for every class as they are working to receive credit at the end of Quarter 4. This will be accompanied by one of 3 comments located to the right of the IP. These comments include the following: · Consistently Engaging in Distance Learning · Not Consistently Engaging in District Learning · Not Engaging in Distance Learning

INSPIRING KINDNESS - DURING COVID-19 Anjali Bose, a Westview sophomore and her Senior Girl Scout Troop desire to reach out and support our local senior citizens who reside in senior living and assisted living communities, and are unable to have visitors during this time. Anjali and her troop hold Zoom meetings with residents at local senior living and assisted living communities, read stories to them, play their instruments in an online recital and play games. Additionally, as part of their mission, we have established connections with local restaurants and non-profit organizations to help them put together care-packages for our beloved senior citizens. Local businesses have contributed to their cause by donating over 150 face coverings and 175 bottles of hand sanitizers so far! They are putting together care packages which include the hand sanitizer, face covering, as well as tissue packs, and of course a box of girl scout cookies. Please email me your Inspiring Kindness Acts during COVID - 19.

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK MAY 4-8 At Westview it is, "All Staff Appreciation Week".

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