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Change of Preference Form: On Campus/Virtual Learning TERM 2

Updated: Dec 11, 2020


Change of preference form: ON CAMPUS → VIRTUAL (click here)

Change of preference form: VIRTUAL → ON CAMPUS (click here)

(If your preference has not changed after reading/watching the following information, please DO NOT fill out a change of preference form. If you do not remember your original decision, please reference the email sent by Westview Admin on December 8 to your parent(s) email address.)

Video by Westview Newscast

A message from WESTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL: Email sent to all parents on December 8

(This is a generic version of the email for informative purposes. The specific version sent to your individual parents clearly indicated at the top what your original decision was.)

Hello Wolverines,

The 2020-2021 school year has been a year like no other. Although the reopening date set by the PUSD board is January 19th, Westview is preparing to have a safe and secure return for Term 2 on February 1st. In anticipation of our school's reopening, we want to share some essential information with you, including an opportunity to complete a new On campus/Virtual Preference Survey:

Change of preference form: ON CAMPUS → VIRTUAL

Change of preference form: VIRTUAL → ON CAMPUS

(If your preference has not changed after reading/watching the following information, please DO NOT fill out a change of preference form.)

In order to meet the California Department of Health guidelines, learning on campus is going to look VERY different than it has in the past. Students who choose to learn on campus will be divided into A and B groups and will physically attend school two days a week. ALL students will have an asynchronous learning day on Friday. ALL students are expected to participate in class daily.

Sample Schedule for On Campus Students:

*Asynchronous Learning utilizes tools and resources to facilitate information sharing outside of the classroom, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

**The schedule is being finalized and will be shared with the community soon.

Concurrent Model Video

To provide you with a realistic understanding of what school will look and feel like in Term 2, our wonderful Westview Broadcast team has created this video to give you a glimpse into the concurrent learning model and the security measures in place to support a safe return to campus.

As mentioned in the video, students returning to campus will receive instruction via a concurrent teaching model. In this model, potentially, 16-18 students may be receiving instruction in person from the teacher while other class members are attending class via Zoom. If the teacher is providing instruction from an off campus location, students will be in a supervised area accessing their classes via Zoom. All students will be utilizing Canvas for course materials and will need to bring their device, charger and a headset, with them to school for on campus learning days. Earbuds are available for students who want them.

We respect that students would like to know which teachers will remain teaching from home. At this time, we are not permitted to share this information with the community. However, we can share holistic information about virtual only classes.

For example, the following classes WILL be virtual

*This is not an exhaustive list but a snapshot of the courses that have virtual sections. This list could change as we get closer to the start of Term 2.

**Per our policies, requests to change teachers will not be permitted.

After viewing the video, we are asking you to complete one of the following two surveys (depending on your situation) if your learning preferences have changed. If you wish to keep this selection, you do not need to complete the survey. This survey must be completed by Friday, December 18th in order for us to make changes prior to the start of Term 2.

Change of preference form: ON CAMPUS → VIRTUAL

Change of preference form: VIRTUAL → ON CAMPUS

Kindest regards,

WVHS Administration

Need more information? Click here to view FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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