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Digital Footprint Week!

Starting on Monday (1/11) ASB has put out several graphics dedicated about knowing what your digital footprint is and how it can affect you in the future. A person digital footprint is one of the most important things in this day and age especially with all of the social media efforts. With that being said it is important to have a safe digital footprint. A digital footprint can be anything from emails to your social media accounts.


The graphics sent out on Monday (1/11) were "What is your digital footprint" Look at the slideshow below to learn more about what consists of your digital footprint!


On Tuesday (1/12) we learned about "Once it's Out it's Out" meaning that once you post something it is there on the internet forever. This post educates us on the importance of posting things that do not lead to our addresses or any other personal information. Click on the slideshow below to learn more information.


On Wednesday (1/13) we learned about the power of "Perception". Perception is our overall online presence that leads into our reputation. Making us ask questions like "Is this okay to post?" "Do I want my family members to see this?" helps us decide on if we should post. Click below to lean more about perception.


On Thursday (1/14) a slideshow of all of the graphics as well as a Kahoot! about our digital footprint was played in homeroom. Click Here to view the slideshow!


On Friday (1/15) graphics about "Cyberbullying" were posted as well as the statistics of how many kids suffer from this online bullying. It is important that people recognize the harmful affects of cyberbullying and that they know how to stop it when it occurs. Click below to review the graphics.


We hope that you are conscious of your digital footprint and the way it can affect yourself as well as the others around us. We hope you are staying safe. And remember stay classy Westview!

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