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Drive-Through Club Rush 2020

Our first ever drive-through club rush will take place on Friday, October 9 from 4-6pm!

This is a great opportunity to get involved even while we’re learning virtually. Participating clubs will have booths, informational handouts, and student representatives who can get you connected and answer any questions! Safety precautions will be taken, social distancing will be enforced, and masks will be necessary at all times.

Below is a map for the club rush drive-through route. Please enter by the round-a-bout (front of the school) and exit through the side of the student lot.

You can find a list of all renewed clubs on our Westview Asb website or by clicking on this link. While not all of these clubs will be participating in club rush, there's a good chance many of them are!

You can find more general information about our Westview clubs and the clubs process by clicking here! For the latest about clubs at Westview, please follow @wvinterclub on Instagram and email for any questions or concerns.


STUDENT STORE SALE Now, here's a shameless plug for the ASB student store!

The entire Westview student store is having a 5% off sale in the spirit of club rush! Everything bought now until October 7 will be able to be picked up at the ASB booth during club rush (Oct. 9 4-6pm). Here is a link to the student store. The store can also be found on both the ASB website and the Westview website.

We hope to see you all at Club Rush on Friday, October 9!

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