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Despite the school closure due to the pandemic, Westview is still holding class president elections for this school year (2020-21)! But, it's going to look a little bit different than what we've done in the past. Please visit our Class Pres 2020 tab here to learn more about all candidates by class!

Campaigns will take place virtually on social media and through this ASB website from 8pm on Sunday, Sept. 6 to 8pm on Thursday, Sept 10. All candidates will receive equal opportunities to share their platforms on this website and through posts on their mutual class account on Instagram. Candidates are limited to 10 "story" posts and 3 "feed" posts on their personal social media accounts, and are limited to 30 reposts of any kind from students supporting their campaign. All campaign material must come down from social media accounts (including off of supporters who may have reposted campaign materia) by 8pm on Thursday, or candidates will be docked points. Posts on class accounts and information on this website will remain up through the voting period for your reference.

The voting window will open to all current Freshmen through Juniors at 8am on Friday the 11th and will close at 11:59pm the same day. Voting will take place via a class specific Google Form which you will be able to find on this page once the voting window opens. To vote, you will have to enter your school email (ex:, and students will be limited to one form submitted. Students will have the opportunity to vote for 2 candidates because our Class Presidents serve in pairs.


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