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ASB LOGS (5/7)

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello Wolverines! Hopefully your first round of AP tests went well! ASB has been busy this week trying to plan for the rest of the year! Scroll down below to see what we have been doing.



- Bring-it-Ins

- General announcements

- Committee meetings (in-person and virtual)

- Committee work

- First day of Staff Appreciation week


- Bring-it-Ins

- Reminders

- Committee work

- Second day of Staff Appreciation week


- Business meeting (link to minutes)

- Committee meeting (in-person and virtual)

- Committee work

- Third day of Staff Appreciation week


- Bring-it-Ins

- Reminders for rest of the week

- Committee work

- Staff lawn-chair lunch and awards

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Attendance link

- Individual committee work

- Last day of Staff Appreciation week


That's all for this week, Wolverines. We have just six week left of school! Good luck on your AP tests if you have any! Lastly, thank you staff for everything that you have done for Westview this year, you all really have made campus PALMTASTIC! Stay classy, Westview!

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