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ASB LOGS (5/14)

Hello Westview! Hopefully your week has been well. ASB has been busy planning end of the year events as well as a Mental Health Week that is happening next week! Scroll down below to see what we have accomplished this week and what our class periods consisted of.



- Bring-It-In's

- Beginning of the week announcements

- Committee meetings (in-person and virtual)

- Committee work time


- Bring-it-In's

- More general reminders

- Committee work


- Business meeting (link to minutes)

- Committee meetings (in-person and virtual)

- Committee work


- Bring-it-In's

- Committee work

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Committee members worked individually on finishing goals


We only have four more weeks left of school! Be on the lookout next week for our activities surrounding Mental Health! If you have any questions about what has been done or any suggestions on what you would like to see in the future do not feel hesitant to reach out through our contact form located on this website! Stay classy Westview!

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