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ASB Logs (3/5)

Hello Westview! By know you all probably know the drill. If you need a refresher or if you are new below is a weekly log containing everything that ASB has done or is doing this week. This is a new part in trying to create more transparency to the student body. With all of that out of the way, continue scrolling to read what has happened in ASB this week.



- Exec Gave general announcements

- Brainstorm for activites when we come back in person (breakout rooms)

- Committee work


- General anoucements for the week

- Committee work


- Busniess meeting (link to minutes)

- Met with another club

- General announcements


- Committes met

- Met in pods

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Work day on campus for people who were comfotable coming

- Exec held a meeting

- Committee members worked on projects individually

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