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ASB LOGS (3/26)

Hello Wolverines! We hope you are adjusting well to the new schedule. ASB has been hard at work planning events and carrying out various different activities. Let's see what we have been working on this week!



- Met in Pods and worked on Bring-It-Ins

- General announcements

- Met in committees

- Worked on personal projects

- In-person students worked give-away tables


- Met with Art in Motion club

- General announcements

- Worked on personal projects for committees

- In-person students worked lunch giveaways


- Met with Indian Society club

- Met with Hip-Hop club

- Business meeting (link to minutes)

- Continued to work on projects

- In-person students worked the giveaway booth


- Met with PLAY it Forward club

- Met with Wildlife Preservation Awareness club

- Met in committees

- Met in Pods and practiced for Bring-It-Ins

- In-person students worked giveaway booth

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Exec Meeting

- Committee members worked on projects and goals


We are so thankful for all of you whether you are staying virtually or are coming in-person. The reason that all of this is possible is because of the students. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns do not be hesitant to reach out! Contact us at anytime! Stay classy Westview!

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