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ASB Logs (3/12)

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Hi Westview! It is Friday, which means that it is time for a weekly log update! This week we learned that we are not coming back onto campus next Monday. In learning this we became extremely busy trying to rework our plans for when some of us go back in person. Let's take a look at what we did and have done this week!



- Met in Pods

- General announcements

- Exec worked with spirit to talk about reopening

- Individual committee work

- Work day on campus from 3:30-5


- Met with committees


- Met with the Tech Innovation club

- Business Meeting (Link to Minutes)

- Exec made general announcements

- Work day on campus from 3:30-5


- Met with Bird Club

- Committee work

-Met in Pods

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Exec met in the morning

- Work day on campus from 3:30-5


That is all for now! Thank you so much for tuning in! We cannot wait for you all to come back on campus and see what we have in store. Stay classy Westview!

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