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ASB Logs (2/12)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Hello fellow wolverines! In bringing in our new executive team it was very important for them to create more transparency. To do this they wanted to start something new. This new update will be a weekly installment of everything that ASB has done and is in the process of doing. Whether it has to do with spirit, culture, recognition, business, or the executive team, everything we have worked on and talked about is included in these logs. With that being said, here are a few words written by our president, Kody Mongold.

"Coming into this new term, a common theme that both me and the rest of my Exec team has been interested in has been increasing transparency within ASB. I believe that the first step to doing so is by making it clear what exactly happens in our class periods. In the past, there have been many misconceptions as to what ASB does or doesn’t do, and what we even have the power to influence. A big reason why these misunderstandings come up is because we haven’t exposed the public to what exactly we work on, and everything that happens is done during private meetings. With that being said, the first order of action that I wanted to take in order to increase our transparency has been to include logs of specifically what we did every single day so that anyone interested could always check in and see what we’re doing. The end goal is that any of you reading these logs can be immersed in the same experience as if you had been sitting in on our meetings and watching them firsthand." - Kody Mongold


Here is an overview of what we did each day in class:


- Checked in with Pods

- Went over Feb/March calendar

- Exec gave general announcements

- Committees met and worked


- Went over CASL calendar

- Exec gave general announcements

- Committees met and worked


- Business meeting (link to minutes)

- Exec facilitated class discussions

- Committees met and worked


- Committees met and worked

- Exec gave general announcements

- Checked in with Pods

Friday: (asynchronous)

- Exec held a meeting

- Committee members worked on projects individually


Look out for next weeks log coming out on Friday. Have a great week wolverines and stay classy!

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