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April 3 - Principal Update

Dear Wolverine Families;

We hope this email finds you well. When we closed our schools at the end of the day on March 13, 2020, our students were within two weeks of earning their official grades for Quarter 3 classes. Since that date we have been working with our District Office, our County Office of Education, and the State Department of Education to ensure we were not taking any steps in regards to student grades that would end up having negative consequences for our students.

The purpose of this email is to provide you and your student an informational update regarding our timelines, your student’s grades for Quarter 3, as well as, provide additional information on how grades will be addressed for Quarter 4. ​Semester courses will receive grades on schedule at the end of Quarter 4.

Updated Timelines for PUSD Quarter Schools:

April 6t​h​– April 10t​h​: Launch of PUSD Distance Learning, & Wrap up of Quarter 3 April 13t​h​– April 17t​h​: Spring Break April 20t​h​– June 11t​h​: Begin Quarter 4, & Continue Distance Learning

Quarter 3 Grades In order to finalize student grades for Quarter 3, students will have the opportunity to select one of the options below to address their final grade (this process is set in place for Quarter 3 based courses that were due to be completed on Friday, March 27, 2020):

Option 1-Select the Grade that was current in the Teacher’s Gradebook as of March 13, 2020.

Option 2-Students looking to improve their Grade:      a. Students can make up missed assignments due to excused absences and illness prior to March 13th. (All make up work must   be submitted by Friday, April 24th)      b. Based upon the fact that students were not provided an opportunity to improve their grade due to the absence of a final project or exam, an alternative assignment or project will be provided for students who want to improve their grade. (All make up work must be submitted by Friday, April 24th)

Option 3- Request an Incomplete Grade for the Course, which would enable the student the opportunity to improve their grade at the point it is safe to return to school. An Incomplete Grade would allow a student five weeks to complete any missing assignments, projects, or exams once they return to school. At that point an official grade would be added to the student’s academic record. (This option is not recommended for seniors).

In the process of determining how to finalize grades for Quarter 3, teachers have been guided on how to provide those students who wish to improve their grade opportunities to do so. Teachers are ultimately responsible for the grades they give for the students enrolled in their classes based on California Education Code and Board Policy 5121. Through this process we are asking our teachers to demonstrate flexibility, discretion, and compassion when working with students during these unprecedented circumstances.

We would ask that you reach out to the Teacher of Record for your student’s courses, throughout the week of April 6tth​– 10​th ​if you would like to select option 2 or 3 from the choices listed above. Our teachers will be asked to submit their Final Grades for Quarter 3, on Friday May 1st.

Quarter 4 At the current time we are in communication with our State Department of Education, County Office of Education, and districts across California, to ensure we provide a grading format that is fair and accurate for our students throughout the period of our school closure. We have also reached out and have received guidance from the UC/CSU systems regarding grading and college admissions for our current senior class of 2020, and all of our students who have been impacted by our school closures.

When we return to our Distance Learning on Monday, April 20t​ h ​our students will transition to their Quarter 4 classes. While we are aware some districts have adopted “Pass/Fail” or “Credit/No Credit” grade systems, we want to make sure that this change would not have a negative impact on our students. We will make sure to contact you and let you know once a final decision has been made.

We are aware that some students will struggle with the move to online learning, or may not have adequate resources, so we are developing plans to support those students. We do not want any student’s academic career negatively impacted by this sudden shift and would ask that you reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Tina Ziegler Westview High School Principal

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