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2021 ASB Applications are Available!

Attention all 9th, 10th and 11th graders! ASB applications for the new term will be available this Friday December 18 and due Friday January 8th. ASB stands for Associated Student Body. ASB is our student government and a leadership class that represents the student body to the administration, creates fun and insightful events for students, manages clubs, makes school wide decisions, plans dances, oversees student-raised funds, and much more! ASB is a first period class on campus, consisting of a combination of elected, appointed, and selected Westview students. ASB terms run from the start of semester 2 through semester 1 of the following school year. ASB is open to any student desiring to serve and represent their student body.


On Wednesday December 16 an informational meeting was during lunch to explain more about the class and answer any questions. Below is a recording of the meeting if you could not attend.

If any of your questions were not answered feel free to ask an ASB member, a member of the executive team, or our advisor Mrs. Parker.


Click Here or click below for the application packet:

2021 Application Packet

Make a copy of this document and write your answers directly on it! To turn in your application send it TO: and Applications are due on January 8th, the Friday after break. Thank you for taking the time to apply! Have a great break and stay safe!

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