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CARE Recognition

These students have exemplified one of the following areas: Critical thinking, Accomplished life long learner, Responsible citizenship, or Effective communication.

Andrew Ibrahim, 12th

I enjoy learning about US History and about our government as well. I like going to the beach, going to new places, hiking, and just being outdoors.

Mary Vu, 12th

My favorite subject is comp sci. I like to play tennis and spend time with friends and family.

Torrie Parker, 9th

Hi I'm Torrie Parker! I'm in 9th grade and enjoy both beach and indoor volleyball. I am involved in Westview's ASB and Peer Counseling. Go Wolverines!

Drew Cottingham, 12th

My favorite subject is Marine Science. Some of my hobbies are running and going to the beach.

Audrey Tu, 12th

Hi, I’m Audrey! At any given time, you’ll probably find me sipping on coffee and listening to music. My personal motto is “don’t stop until you’re proud”.

Hannah Danzig, 12th

Hi I’m Hannah and my favorite subjects are history and Spanish. Outside of school, I work with several different organizations and I’m the co-president of both Westview’s Jewish Culture Club and PTSA Student Club.

Yeonseo Seok, 12th

I am passionate about broadcast journalism and hope to become a voice for the voiceless. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with my friends.

Gowri Ramaprasad, 9th

As a student here at Westview, I particularly enjoy stargazing, volleyball, photography, and playing the piano. I have always had a passion for astronomy, and something that most people don’t know about me is that I want to become and astronaut when I grow up!

Lily Bryan, 10th

Science has definitely got to be my favorite subject. As hobbies go, I love to just be outside, either alone or with friends, doing absolutely anything.

Jehyeok Yeon, 11th

My favorite subjects are Computer Science and Psychology, which is why I'm interested in Artificial Intelligence, the combination of the two. I also enjoy reading up on the latest technology on Reddit and listening to music.

Natalie Birouty, 12th

In my free time, I love cooking and listening to music. My favorite subjects are biology and math. :)

Miriam Nygren, 12th

I enjoy a lot of different subjects, but my favorites are usually ones that involve science or math. In my free time, I love tutoring, doodling, and playing videogames with friends!

Monserrat Margritz, 11th

My hobbies consist of playing lacrosse and writing my own songs during my free time, which I hope to one day share them with the world. I also dream of owning my own 2 story brick coffee shop when i'm older!

Maddie Gracz, 10th

I love to bake and ski and strive to make a difference both at school and in the community. My favorite subject would definitely have to be math.

William Huynh, 10th

My favorite subject is biology. My hobbies include video games, reading, and the occasional run.

Nirja Trivedi, 9th

My favorite subject is social studies, and I like to follow politics. I also like to make vegan food, and the best part of my day is making breakfast!

Sierra Alicea, 11th

Hello! My name is Sierra and I love to sing and practice Tahitian dancing!

Keely Berner, 12th

I am passionate about life sciences and want to become a scientist. I am apart of Westview Peer Counseling and I love to learn new things.

Amelia Kane, 9th

Hi my name is Amelia, my favorite subject is Spanish, I am on the Westview Dance Troupe, and for fun I like to hang out with my friends and listen to music.

David Fisher, 12th

My favorite subject is Computer Science and I am pursuing Biomedical Engineering in college. I also play varsity tennis and some of my hobbies include hiking, biking, and fishing.

Vikash Muruhathasan, 12th

Some subjects I'm passionate about are Chemistry, Math, and Biology. During my free time, I enjoy playing video games with friends, watching movies with family, and traveling to explore other countries.

Cassandra Nguyen, 11th

Hi, my name is Cassandra and I am proudly involved with theatre, improv, and Link Crew at Westview! My favorite subjects are math and English, and I love spending time outside, playing instruments, and meeting new people.

Hristina Evtimova, 10th

My favorite subject is English and I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing volleyball, and spending lots of family time!

Cameron Carrier, 12th

My favorite subject is drama. I love to dance and play the ukulele. I also love acting.

Ella Godun, 11th

I am a proud member of Westview’s Option 16. At the moment, I am really enjoying my chemistry class!

Amaia Schmitigal, 10th

I realize my flair for math has something to do with my personality- being a composed, inquisitive and logical person. I also enjoy playing the piano and violin in addition to my studies.

Kelly Tran, 9th

I love reading romance books and going shopping. My favorite subject is Math.

Drew Levine, 9th

My favorite subject is math. I play club soccer.

Maya Majumdar, 11th

My favorite subject is my Sports Medicine/Athletic Training class because it’s all about anatomy and fully interactive, which is fun. Some of my hobbies are painting, dancing, and walking my dog.

Muhammad Shaheer Imran, 12th

I like learning in general as its a mean of enriching life. However, in terms of my favorite school subject, that would have to be foreign language.

Maile Everly, 10th

Well to start off I enjoy exercise a lot, I've been riding horses for about 7 years so that keeps me in good shape. I'm excited to learn about zoology because I plan on going into the equine business so keeping my grades up is also very important to me.

Alexander Soriano, 12th

Hello! My name is Alex Soriano, and I'm a huge lover of all things music, theatre, Disney, baseball and hockey. I also have a love for mathematics, as I'm planning on majoring in Accounting in college later this fall.

Faith Labossiere, 11th

My favorite subject is Psychology because there is so much information to learn which I can apply to my friends, my family, and myself. I enjoy baking for my loved ones, playing sports with my teammates, being part of school clubs and volunteer organizations, and spending quality time with my close friends.

Maddie "Bear" McGuire, 12th

I have a big interest in video games with the Resident Evil franchise being my current hyperfixation. I also plan on going into medicine and becoming a doctor in the Emergency Room! :)

Lexie Hastings, 12th

I'm an incredibly proud member of the instrumental music and theatre departments here at Westview, as well as being an Ambassador. My favorite classes at Westview have been AP Psych, AP Gov, and Film Studies, and in my downtime I love to snuggle with my cats and watch a great movie.

Daniel Tran, 10th

I am a psychology and music enthusiast with a passion for making the world a better place. In my free time, I enjoy playing and listening to music, as well as gaming with friends.

Christian Reyes, 10th

I like studying history but I spend my free time learning to cook so I can be a celebrity chef. The attached picture is me with a restaurant employee where I critiqued their menu for Spanish class.

Peter (PJ) Wetherell, 11th

Robotics, volunteering with the Rancho YMCA's Ride Across California.

Victor Ku, 12th

I am the founder and president of the 3D printing club. In college, I hope to major in computer engineering.

Haven Reed, 9th

My favorite subject is NJROTC. Some of my hobbies and interests are swimming, drawing, gardening, and knitting

Elise Meyer, 12th

My favorite subject is definitely history and sciences. Some things I enjoy is going to the beach with my friends, reading, and scuba diving.

Priyankaa Nigam, 9th

My favorite subjects are Spanish and chemistry. I love to knit, draw, do gymnastics, and volunteer.

Aashika Arasu, 12th

I like to say active like playing lacrosse and volleyball. I love to learn especially about business and entrepreneurship.

Aakarsh Vermani, 11th

I am passionate about all things STEM and I love asking questions and learning new things. In my free time I like reading, looking at maps, playing tennis, watching Jeopardy, and making TikToks.

Cynthia Tchonda, 10th

My favorite subjects are English and French. I play tennis and love traveling with family/friends.

Emily Butman, 11th

My favorite subject is English because I love to read and write. I am always super curious and love to learn new things as well as ask many questions.

Minal Khan, 11th

My favorite subject is Science! I love taking nature walks. I like going to the beach. I love painting and playing piano. I also love dream journaling and listening to lofi while studying!

Liahnne Kym Ico, 10th

I enjoy being part of KPCDC and being the treasurer of the Youth Creative Animation Club. I also adore reading, photography, and dancing.

Jake Mordan, 9th

My favorite class is math. I also like playing soccer.

Adrian Welton, 9th

I love learning random knowledge such as the geographical distribution of lobster species, and spending hours on Google Maps. I also enjoy being outdoors, especially biking and hiking.

Cynthia Bao, 12th

For the past few months, I've enjoyed unwinding by reading and playing video games (Genshin Impact). However, a subject I enjoy pursuing both in and out of the classroom is computer science, and I've dedicated much of my time to learning and exploring more.

Lateef Wakil, 12th

My favorite subject is law in action. I enjoy playing baseball and camping with my family.

Amanda Marek, 9th

Hi! My name's Amanda, and some of my interests are gardening, caring for my 3 dogs, and reading. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. :)

Brennan Welcher, 11th

My favorite subject is DMP because I am very interested in film. I also really like playing sports and hanging out with friends .

Mako Takai, 9th

I like singing and drawing. I am practicing the guitar.

Tyson Phonesavanh, 12th

I am a tutor. Because teaching is the best way to learn.

Makena Roberts, 9th

My favorite subjects are all related to STEM, such as math and biology. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with friends and family.

Callie Mitchell, 11th

I have loved acting and public speaking for as long as I can remember. I love being a part of the Westview Theatre Company and have been proud to serve as an ASB co-class president for the class of 2022 both last year and this year.

Katharina Zajonc, 12th

Hi there! My favorite subjects are Spanish and Zoology because I love learning all about new cultures and animals. My hobbies include raising chickens, baking, and gardening!

Annabel Ng, 11th

Learning new things captivates me, whether that's diving into machine learning, perfecting my chocolate molten lava cakes, or creating graphic designs for Peer Counseling. Outside of school, you can find me playing board games with my family, running hurdles on the track, or playing defense on the field hockey team.

Maddie Hastings, 9th

I love playing volleyball, traveling, and watching old movies. So far I have enjoyed my time at Westview and am excited for what’s next.

Alexa Litchev, 10th

I actually moved to California my freshman year and attended Westview. I love the beach, playing basketball, and being hiking.

Lola Ferguson, 9th

I love embracing my creative side by reading and writing stories. They keep me motivated, entertained, and very busy!

Divya Saravanan, 11th

I love spending time with friends & family, traveling, and playing tennis. I would love to visit Europe (:

Sarah Dong, 11th

I love drawing and painting, traveling and taking pictures, baking, and spending time with my friends and family! Besides taking classes and learning from Westview's wonderful teachers and staff, I also enjoy being a part of various clubs across campus.

Amelia Jensen, 11th

I am a very creative and organized person. I ride horses and I just recently joined a club team that does paddle boarding as well as outrigger.

Atulya Mandyam, 11th

My favorite subject is science. One of my hobbies is origami.

Eden Cahill, 10th

I love to play all sports, including golf, lax and water polo for WV, as well as draw, paint, and spend time with friends. My favorite subjects are the ones that challenge me to really think and be creative.

Ruby Neuhaus, 11th

My favorite subject is history. I love hanging out with my friends and family.

Victoria Krasnyanskiy, 12th

My favorite subjects are Biology and Calculus! Outside of school I love to run and surf!

Ethan Lai, 10th

I love my family!

Kyle Langley, 10th

I used to live in Texas and moved to California around 4 years at the end of summer in 2017. One activity that

I do outside of schoolwork is a martial arts which I go to on Mondays.

Autumn Kelly, 9th

My favorite subject would have to be History because I have always enjoyed learning about the past. Some of interests are reading, writing, drawing, and doing arts and crafts.

Michael Pham, 11th

My favorite subject is statistics. I am a firm believer in individual financial research–I enjoy researching highly volatile companies, particularly GameStop, and executing trades.

Malek Maaz, 9th

Isaac Lee, 9th

Alyson Hurt, 11th

I'm Alyson Hurt, and my favorite subject is English; I enjoy writing and I aspire to be an author someday.

Edward, 10th

My favorite subject is math. I like scuba diving and hiking.

Ashley Ma, 12th

My favorite subject is biology! I enjoy reading and baking in my free time.

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